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Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice In Wonderland Interviewing Op Mayflower Co Founder NICK REEDER
December 08, 2018 Curt Bizelli / Alice Cordelia
(EA) Eternal Affairs TRUTH Radio

Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice In Wonderland Interviewing Op Mayflower Co Founder NICK REEDER

December 08, 2018

Curt Bizelli / Alice Cordelia

Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice In Wonderland Interviewing Op Mayflower Co Founder NICK REEDER

Alice Goes Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Op Mayflower Co-Founder, Nick Reeder! Tune in EXCLUSIVELY Here on #EATruthRadio ...

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Mike has fomo, the fear of missing mcrib, so we cleared his calendar. Yo, dude, backstage passes. Nah. Hey baby this weekend. Oh, I can't do it. What up? That sounds great, but count me out. Do what you gotta do. Just don't miss the return of the Sandwich, the myth, the legend, the mic. Really come in to Mcdonald's today and get a delicious saucy mcrib sandwich made even better with a one of a kind taste of Dr Pepper the one you create and participate in Mcdonald's for a limited time.

Speaker 2:0:36Happy Saturday everyone. Welcome to [inaudible] radio, brought to you by eternal affairs media.com, your host, alice in wonderland. That's me. And today I'll be interviewing you, the cofounder of operations mayflower. Make Greener and thank you so much for joining us. Nick, how are you today?

Speaker 3:1:00I'm doing great. How are you today? Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure.

Speaker 2:1:03Yes, yes. Thank you so much. Um, I will, uh, go ahead and go into a quick player, so I want to give you as much time as possible. Okay? Go ahead. Okay. Alright, dear father, God in heaven. We come to you in Jesus name and we thank you for this opportunity and privilege and honor of being able to serve you. Surely there is nothing better in the whole wide world and started you. We thank you father, for speaking and art and making it able for us to have this interview today. I asked grandma all evil frequencies and all locations where communication is vital to carry out this interview, scatter the evil demonic radars in Jesus' name, make them blind, deaf and mute, and not able to communicate back to the master. In Jesus' holy name, we give you honor, praise and other lawyer forever and name of the father, son and Holy Spirit. And we cover cover every listener with the blood of Jesus. In Jesus name. Amen. Okay. All right. Uh, yes. Um, I'm going to ask the first question. Um, how long have you been doing this truth thing?

Speaker 3:2:13Um, for me it started, I guess,

Speaker 3:2:17you know, for me to really start understanding what was going on or baking. I was probably about eight to 10 years ago was a learning about nine slash 11 and just kind of posting things here and there on social media, but what really kickstarted in what I was doing was it was November second 2017. I remember it. My friend shared a few post and I remember reading it and I was like, man, I don't know. There's, I don't know what this is, but there's something here that's very interesting what they're telling me. And then next thing I know I just started talking to people that were in the community was reading other people's posts and

Speaker 4:3:03okay,

Speaker 3:3:03it's, it's just bloomed into something that I couldn't imagine the community that we have, not just me. I mean this is an absolute massive community that you are a part of the low and it's. I mean it's all I do. I just need to know the truth. I need to figure it out. I need to get out there and say what I know because the whole thing is all about spreading the spread of information and being there for each other and love and peace. And you know, it's just, that's what we're about and it's, it's, it's an, it's a beautiful adventure and it's amazing how fast it's grown and it's only getting bigger.

Speaker 2:3:45Yes, it's a wonderful brain. It's all about connecting with people, right?

Speaker 3:3:49Yay. That's exactly what it is in this world. They were connected before. But man, this world is so connected right now. I have friends from all over the world that I talked to you on a daily basis. Stuff that I never, never knew about. Different politics, different what's going like things that are going on and we're getting more and more connected. And it's absolutely beautiful because as we get connected, we figure out that regardless of politics, regardless of personal beliefs, whatever, they try and divide us on, we all, all of us in this community have one common goal and that is just to have the truth out there and we all want to live free and be happy and not stuck underneath an oppressive government. And that's what it's all about. Everybody across the world. And it's amazing what's happening. I love it.

Speaker 2:4:40Yes, it's an absolute miracle. I never, never in my life that I think this would ever happen. Me Either. I mean, I think what was going on is that we have been not our identity. I think God has made us not be aware of who we really are and now you woke up. Yeah. I think as far as safety, I don't know. I don't know how to clean it.

Speaker 3:5:13One thing is I just want to say it. It's tough for people who are there and they're like, we want to arrest, we want this to happen, we want that to happen, but there is this piece. This puzzle is like the people were involved as much as I am. It's so hard. It's easy to lose track of where we are in the process of waking up. There's so many people that don't have no idea that it's just this is. It's, it's, it's a difficult situation to understand, but in the end it'll be worth it. One hundred percent and I can see it. It's an action. It's moving and it's not going to get. They can't get stopped. How big it is now,

Speaker 2:5:49right? It's gonna be worldwide. Is Not going to stop.

Speaker 3:5:53It's, it's huge. These protests that are going on are really big right now, worldwide. Big Ramifications in America that are hard to see, but absolutely. Okay. Next question. What inspired you to start operation mayflower? It all started one day I met with, so this is, this is the story started, so a huge drop and if people don't know who he is, he sort of posted on four chan and then started posting on eight slash 10 and I always check them out at ww dot Q. Anon.pub is a website. I used to see him but anyways you made a drop and he said, what did he say? Like I don't know exactly. I'm going to paraphrase a little bit here, but he basically said, get organized. You are, you are. They want you divided a, you need to come together. And then another post that he made was about dropping means and my, I read it and I was like, you know what would be awesome?

Speaker 3:7:06And I took it as like a battle cry and I was like, we need to get a group of people together. We need to, I'm just post on twitter and math form on one on one day and then just kind of just go from there. That's how it started. And I, and I sent a message to Chi urban. I was like, dude, I was like, I got an idea. I was like, check out this q drop, you know, I'm pretty sure this is kind of what he wants. He wants us to do something like this and it just. And then, and then later on I was like with kyle was like, hey, we need to. Okay. I know another guy, Mike Kiesel. I said, you know, he, he will, he'll help push us as he, I know he'll do this. And it just morphed into something that I never thought would get as big as it did.

Speaker 3:7:51Chi took it into, took the idea and just ran with it and turned in, turned it into what it was. It was his idea, like it was my idea originally and then we started out with we were going to get, you know, 20, 30, 40 people or whatever to post on twitter on a Saturday. Next thing I know we got, you know, in a matter of three days there was about a thousand people involved in posting on twitter and what we would do is you'd have certain hashtags and means and everybody would post on one person's tweet on the same exact time and it was all planned. It was all organized. So like one of the days it was saying it was Hillary Clinton. To me, we would pick a tweet from Hillary Clinton and then everybody would post pretty much whatever means they wanted with these certain hashtags and we were all due at the same time and it got to the point where we started out like our first day it was like 1500 tweets we send out and by the fourth or fifth day we did 50,000 tweets in an hour and it was just, it was, it was, it was beautiful and it wasn't like.

Speaker 3:9:07And I know that. That sounds awesome. It was great, but it was the community. It was coming together, all races, all genders, all background. It didn't matter, different countries. It was worldwide. What we did, and we were all in separate chat rooms on like, and everyone just had one goal and it was, it was absolutely amazing. I'd love to fine. I know you're a part of it. You're, you're on my team. And it was, it was amazing. It was beautiful.

Speaker 3:9:53It was the most. Well, there was a single moment and I'll get to that one, but I stated it in the last question, but the most important thing was I saw a fire of passion, a drive and the likes of which in the community that I have never seen before in a matter of two to three days, the way we banded together to basically get out there and just show the establishment that we were forced to be reckoned with. And we had CNN analyst talking about us. They made the one made a tweet about us. We had, um, you know, they, the pope, we, we, uh, posted on the three different times. And then. Yeah, and if you remember correctly, two days later after we did this, the pope came out with a message to his nuns and told them to stay off social media.

Speaker 3:11:03We had an effect and I guess the single greatest moment that I had that really stands out to me. It was the fourth day we were. We were doing this. We only did it now for people who don't know we would do. We would pick one person for about an hour and then we would go do it the next night. So the fourth night we sent a message. We did. We did John Kerry, and I remember in the middle of it because we started getting followed by, you know, other people who are important and a couple of them, General Flynn followed a couple people on their twitter accounts and I remember on that night it was John Kerry and one of the people that General Flynn followed. He General Flynn from his own personal twitter accounts, sends them a message with a thumbs up and an American flag. While we were posting in a matter of like it was at.

Speaker 3:12:05We started at, well I think it was 9:00 PM eastern standard time at nine. Oh five. He sends a message to one of the people in our group with a thumbs up and American flag basically showing that he loved what we were doing and he approved of it and that was. That was an absolute amazing feeling for every single person who was involved with us and then caught my attention when we started and then this. This could have been pure coincidence. I'm not saying that this was part of it, this know, but on the very next day could have been planning. So you know how president trump plans everything, but on the very next day after that, president trump made a tweet about John Kerry specifically. Now that could be pure coincidence, but there's still pretty big. It's still pretty big coincidence and then we were supposed to start. I remember it was May 5th was supposed to be our first day and we're called operation mayflower and the member member of the White House. They made a tweet that said as as may flowers bloom on May fifth. You remember that? I mean, that could have been been purely coincidence, but we look back and they didn't make a tweet. I know, and they didn't make a tweet like that in May of or something like that.

Speaker 3:13:36There are no coincidences. Remember that. It was, it was amazing and it wasn't just that, you know, it was great to get recognition not to get that kind of recognition that quickly is just absolutely phenomenal. And that shows you how quickly it took off. But it was, like I said, it was, it was a community and what we did and we scared the crap out of the people from twitter. They had to do whatever they could to get us off of that platform in one day. Right. Well, it was. What happened was, so twitter was banning, would they call it? It was about, um, about what was it, a million a month account is what they were doing. And in the month of May and May and June, they banned, they went from 1 million, bought accounts deleted to $70, million in the month of May and June alone from the, like from going like middle of May into June. And that was right around the time that they kicked every single one of us also have twitter permanently. We couldn't even. We couldn't even make new accounts on our devices. Laptop. I need to find

Speaker 2:14:52the. And I can't get, I can't get on my laptop, but I have two other phones. How hot and I got two different.

Speaker 3:14:59Yeah, they took our facebook accounts. Do. I know they took that same day. Twitter came in and wiped us all out and just like said, I'm not quite sure on the dates, but I'm pretty sure it was May 16th. We only did it for about two weeks until twitter wipe this off, but I think it was May 16th that we got wiped off the twitter on May 17th. Brad Parscale, who is the direct, I don't know his exact title, but he's the director basically of social media for president trump, sends a letter to both facebook and twitter, basically warning them of knocking people off of their platform who are conservative, who have conservative views, so could have been coincidence. I don't know what. We had a major impact in the censoring of social media in a matter of a couple of weeks and we're still. We still do it. We still do a little bit, but it's not. It's not like it was.

Speaker 2:16:04If you had to say one thing to your fellow patriots, what would it be?

Speaker 3:16:11Oh Man. So much. Mainly I guess you know, there's a lot to. There's lots of things to say, but for me personally, I'm into the current events and what's happening right now and I'm watching what's happening in France and I'm watching what happened in Germany is uprising. France has a huge uprising. I think Poland is involved. Basically that whole area has a massive uprising that's happening right now again to their government and it's mainly just for us to pay attention and get off of the mainstream media because they are not covering this and just think for yourself. You know what I mean? Like you heard a lot of people heard all these stories, all these theories, but and then you always have the media comes in and tells him that it's all a lie. Just don't listen to the media. If the media lies all the time, it's pure manipulation. That's my biggest enemy is the media and TV and Hollywood and all these fake items, but mainly pay attention. Watch what's happening in our government because the Russian collusion case is over with. It's done well. It was a complete waste of time, but it was all just smear president trump 100 percent, but a conclusion has been made of it and molar has come out and in so many words said it because he wrote a memo. Nothing from the Russian collusion case is redacted, but other cases that General Flynn is involved in

Speaker 3:17:56are redacted. So if they. If they don't redact anything, that means that the case is over with and they're talking about it openly. The same thing and also with, if you watched George Papadopoulos on twitter, he's really dropping some major bombs about the Russian collusion case. The star witness in a case would never come out and speak in public about a case that is that is ongoing and open an investigation so the Russian collusion case is done. It's over with. There's nothing there because if there was molar would have brought that out into the public. He's trying to hide it covered up and the same thing is happening right now to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, the investigations into that are over with. They basically been given the. Okay, and that's why all these whistle blowers are coming out. These whistleblowers have been known for a long time to the trump administration and these investigations have been going on for well over a year. Enter just. They're slowly being pulled out into the public. Right now. It's all about the public awareness, so just please pay attention to what you see and what people are saying and take it with an open mind and that's all that's all we ask is an open mind and a willingness to learn and look at information without bias and then you just need to go from there.

Speaker 2:19:16Yes. What do you have to say about your cofounder partner around. Y'All are really good friends, aren't you?

Speaker 3:19:25Oh man tire. Did he the passion and fire and just pure love for this country, for the people and for the world is absolutely second to none. I mean, you know, when you get, you know, when you get a personality, like his personality, like mom together and we put together something like mayflower, there's gonna be times where you bought heads and you have disagreements, but at the end of the day, him and I always came together for the greater good and he's, he's one of the people that I respect and care about the most out of everybody that I've met. I've met and it's just,

Speaker 3:20:14there's just so many good things to say about him. And, and, and honestly, this is for people who were involved in Mayflower, who saw all the bf afterwards. It's an absolute shame what happened to him. He's recovered from and a lot of it has been dispelled by now because it was all rumors and bs, but it's an absolute shame what people were saying about him because it was all false. All is all ridiculous, ridiculous paranoia. And, and I'm glad he's recovered from it. You know what I mean? He did that quickly. He bounced right back. He didn't listen it because it was all crap. I stayed with him for that moment. It was, it was just absolutely ridiculous. And now, and right now he's fighting, he's fighting the fight in California. He's one of the few in California who are standing up for what they're doing. So if you want to know a lot of, you know, check out his page on facebook, his name is Kai Irvin, c c a w I R v I n, but he's, he's great at what he does and he's always about speaking truth and with, you know, as much the sermon as you can get. Easy. Great. And we still talk, we still work together. We're still working on mayflower. Do you want me to, it's not like it, not like it used to be, but we still do things every once in a while

Speaker 2:21:40and he does a lot, a lot of live videos to show everybody what the and unexplained the q drops and everything and um, yeah, he goes in depth and detail and that's really awesome.

Speaker 3:21:57And that was how, that was how I first met cody. I'm at Chi, you know, like I said, I was just involved in the community, just posting things here and there. You're talking on comments and then one day I came across and I've found one of his live videos talking to her in breaking down and dissect and acute post which, you know, which is what got me into it. So it really interests me and I can just. There was something about him that intrigued me and I was drawn to him and what he was saying because you could just feel the passion with him and his, all his, his heart and soul is into this and he has done, uh, if you remember, remember he did that march on Hollywood. He got, I don't know how many. I don't know how many people were there. I don't want to speculate on numbers, but that was incredibly. He got a good amount of people. What's that? I was just saying he got, he got a good amount of people to go out there and walk right on the Hollywood march or fame.

Speaker 5:22:58Okay.

Speaker 3:22:59And it was all his doing and he's, he's, he's amazing for this movement. There's nothing, there's nothing bad that I can say about him. He's a great dude.

Speaker 2:23:10Yes. Is you can tell that these celebrities are coming out right now pushing their agenda, his agenda time, and we're standing up against that. Anyone stands up against, there's always going to be opposition because you're on the right path and they're doing the right thing.

Speaker 3:23:31I think what happens is want to hide

Speaker 2:23:36opposition creates perseverance person. So he goes through that [inaudible]

Speaker 3:23:45and, and what you said in one of you said is what I'm dealing with right now. I'm currently banned on facebook. I can't make a post. I can't do anything on it. And what, what does it do when you come back after you, if you deal with that, uh, opposition. What happened? Exactly what happens when you come back. You're, you're, you have more perseverance, breaks through, you get stronger, you come back even more determined and that's what they don't understand. Every time they do that to us. And that's why we are winning. That's why we will win. And we are few amongst many and we're sitting and we're taking everything that has been thrown at us and we're not backing down. We won't stop, we won't be, we will not be stopped. There was no stop and what's coming his way. And it is true. And what you said rings, rings absolute true to me because it is fear. Fear has stopped us from getting from coming together.

Speaker 3:25:02Exactly. It is. That has stopped us from spreading our message. It is fear, but it stopped us from talking to friends about this. The way they think about you, the way they might look at you. You know what I, I'm done with fear. Fear is, has been out of my mind for well over a year and I don't care. I, I, you know, I don't go out. I don't push an agenda to anybody because I'm respectful for that and I know if we push an agenda to people, you know, you instantly throw up a defense mechanism, you know, they block you, they block out what you're saying, which is, which is, which completely understand because if you look at it, you know, you and I were the same way at one point. I remember when I was 18, 19 years old, I'd hear people talk about stuff like this and I'm like, what are you talking about? You know what I mean?

Speaker 3:25:49Exactly. So one a very important thing is that you is, you might not trust you personally, but whose ever listening as you might know, you know what's going on. But that doesn't mean the other person is and you have to look at it from their perspective. You know what I mean? You can sit out there and you can tell them as much as they want, but you got to look at from their perspective and you've got to think about yourself when you were in that situation, what was it? What was that specific piece of information or who was the person who got you to really start understanding and how did they approach you? You know what I mean? Like was, it wasn't just something they said was it how they approached you and it and it's, it's an approach that you have to take the people.

Speaker 3:26:30It's not just bullying people. That's not what we're about. We don't just damn information down their throat. That doesn't work. It's just what I always do. Like the other day I hadn't had an experience. I saw I was the sky and I see a plane come over and you could see they were spraying the air and I went to my friend who was standing there and I said, hey, look this. Look at this plane spraying stuff and it's a clear blue sky, you know, I'll, I'll make this short, but you know, I said, look at it. Let me come out in a matter of a couple hours. It's going to be more out here and events or this closet. This guy's going to be completely covered with these quote on quote clouds and I said, I said, watch. I said, it'll happen. And then we come out at the end of the day and he just.

Speaker 3:27:12And I said, remember to look up. I said, you got to look up. Look at this guy. See what's going on around you, man. Pay Attention. He looked up and he's like, holy crap. I said, he said you weren't kidding. I said, dude, I like, these are the questions that I asked. This is the stuff that I see. I was like, I don't know what I mean. I said, look up, pay attention to your surroundings. Don't get caught up in your day to day life and your money struggles or whatever that's just set up to control you. They keep you, keep you running this rat race every day, get up, go to work, you know what I mean? Come home, watch tv, go do some sort of entertainment at all. Distraction 100 percent. And I'm not saying don't do that. No, we can't. Just stop your life. There's nothing wrong with it, but all I'm saying, pay attention and be aware that you know that this was happening and this is our society is designed to distract you from real truth. And people who speak real truth, there's another part of society designed because she'd scream conspiracy in that you're crazy. That's how society's isn't.

Speaker 2:28:20I'm so sorry to interrupt you. And final question. Where can we get like less than 10 minutes left? Uh, where can people find you online?

Speaker 3:28:29Uh, my name is Nick Reader N I C K r e e d e r and I'm on facebook. Currently is my main place. I also have a twitter. It's at trump's evil cue. I don't really do much on twitter but that's where I'm at also. Um, but basically that's all I'm doing right now. I'm going to try and spread out since facebook's really banning, but that's where I'm at now, you know, check me out and then you can hook you up with a lot of other people who were involved. Like I said, it's a community of us, not just me. It's not just car, it's not just you, Alice, Kurt, you know what I mean? It was the community of us and that's what it's about.

Speaker 2:29:11Well, uh, we have one minute left and I wish we had more time. No, thank you so much for all the information and hopefully we can have you back.

Speaker 3:29:22Okay. You know, you incurred are good friends of mine, so just let me know.

Speaker 2:29:28Yeah. Thank you so much for joining us. And I wanted to thank you again for joining us on a truth brought to you by eternal affairs media.com. And if you felt lead

Speaker 3:29:42with,

Speaker 5:29:42I'm fucking, if any tonight, if you feel led to support the media ministry, there are links you can click on. Click on in the food, the footer of our website at eternal affairs media that come. Alright. Um, yes. Thank you so much. One last thing, just real quick because I'm sitting out here, I'm going to buy a yellow vest. Everyone prepare for prepare to get a yellow safety vest. It's like France and Germany and Poland and all those people and be ready because it's coming to America and it's going to be fantastic. All right, thank you. Thank you so much. Have a good day. Bye. Bye.

Speaker 1:30:37Mike has the fear of missing, so we cleared his calendar.

Speaker 6:30:42Yo, dude, backstage passes. Nah. Hey Baby. This weekend. Can't do it.

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Speaker 6:31:12Yo Dude, backstage passes. Nah. Hey man, this weekend. Oh, I can't do it. What up?

Speaker 1:31:18Great, but count me out. Do what you gotta do. Just don't miss the return of the Sandwich, the myth, the legend, the mic. Come in to Mcdonald's today and get a delicious saucy mcrib sandwich made even better with the one of a kind tastes and Dr Pepper the one you crave and participate in Mcdonald's for limited time.

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